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What is a literature review?

A literature review is a detailed analysis of printed sources. It is a search and evaluation of the available literature in your given printed source. It means the assessment of the literature and it provides a summary, comparison, classification, and evaluation. It states the art about the topic you want to write.

A literature review is written by surveying the books, articles, journals, etc. It gives a critical review on the topic and provides an overview of the topic. A literature review enlightens the reader by creating a picture of the knowledge which is written in the printed source.

A literature review has four main objectives which are as follows:

  • It surveys the area which is chosen for conducting the study.
  • Literature review changes the perspective of the literature into a summary.
  • For writing a literature, a research is mandatory along with the huge amount of knowledge. It critically analyzes the information gathered from literature.
  • The literature written by you can be presented in an organized way with the help of literature review.
  • A literature review can be made for different purposes. Some of the purposes of writing a literature review are as follows:

  • Provides a context of your own research: Before writing anything a research is always necessary to complete the writing. Literature review creates an environment of your own research.
  • Show relationship between previous studies or theories: An author or writer made many theories while writing and literature review is used to describe the relationship between the previous and current theories.
  • Find out gaps in literature: writing a review is an easy task and literature review is used to find out the gaps in the literature and it provides a summary, comparison of the literature.

  • Types of literature review

  • Argumentative Review: This review is made to support an argument which is already written in the literature. Argumentative review approaches to analyze the literature can be genuine.
  • Historical Review: Historical review is focused on the research made in the past. Literature written in the past is analyzed in the historical review.
  • Critical Review: This type of review requires a detailed examination. All the research is made in the literature before writing a critical review. A critical review cannot be completed in short period of time. A critical review compares the different perspectives, summarizes and evaluates them.
  • Scoping Review: Scoping review is written at the beginning of the topic. This review is made before the starting of the research on the article, topic, etc. It also sets the stages to conduct the research.
  • Conceptual Review: This review is made according to the concepts, or categories. It gives a path that where are the things with this particular field of research.

  • How to write a literature review?

    Writing a review of an article is not a hard task but writing a literature review requires some good writing skills along with the grasp of knowledge on that literature. To write a literature review first you have to determine your purpose. Purpose addresses what you want to show in the literature review.

    After determining the purpose, you have to conduct the research on that literature. Research can be made by using the articles, books, etc. Critically analyses the literature identified by you and then made a structure of the literature review. In the end, give credit to the sources from where you have found the data.

    Why is literature review so important for a dissertation or thesis?

    The thesis is a statement that defines the main idea of a writing assignment. In a thesis, critical analysis is also made. Literature review made the critical analysis of the topic along with classifying, summarising and evaluating the literature. A literature review cannot be completed without conducting a detailed research and for writing a thesis a detailed research is necessary.

    The literature review identifies the need for additional research on the topic. Literature review defines new ways to conduct the research on the matter. All these things form an important part for the thesis. The thesis cannot be written before making a detailed analysis and without making an evaluation. If you can write a literature review then it will help you in writing a thesis.

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