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Why are students not able to complete their homework on time?

Students face problem to complete their home work because they not find appropriate assistance. They face problem to understand the target behind the home work and they search someone who can guide them on their home work. We all face crises of time now a days due to fast routine life in this case we hardly push our self to help someone. Student’s parents even do to not get enough time for their children. They do not have proper source of knowledge due to this leave their homework. They do not take their home work seriously. They leave their books in the school. Family crisis can be a reason with some student to complete their home work. Student do not complete their homework on time due to this they face burden of pending work. Students do not find their homework worthy that’s why they skip to do the work. They do not have enough authentic resources at their home. Student devotes their most of time in their interest of like painting, sports, movies and other creative work. They really don’t find the purpose of the homework.

Some problems which students can face while completing their homework

  • Students face destruction when they sit to complete their homework.
  • Most of students are curious in their earlier age but they do not find authentic sources to feed their curiosity.
  • Some students get inferior due to their previous performance which affects their confidence and these emotions not even allow them to present what they want to present.
  • Due to the burden of homework they found themselves helpless in managing time.
  • Some of students do not get proper environment to do the homework
  • They stuck with theory frame work that who to frame the theory home work in appropriate manner
  • Students face problem in adoption of a good Method to do the home work.
  • Problems which we have mentioned in the points are some major problems which a student faces during the completion of their homework. Apart of all the problems students have some personal like their previous mistakes arise in their mind at the time of completion of their homework. They find themselves unstable and disturb because of some mistakes they have done in their life.

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