Case Study


What is a case study analysis?

In general a case study is an explanation of a genuine managerial circumstance involving a problem to be analyzed and then solved and decision to be made. It is not merely a descriptive but also a serious exercise most importantly it is an examination of the circumstances or the institution having view towards making the recommendations. Most of the case studies are written in a way that the analyst take the manager’s place that is having the responsibility of the decision making to assist in solving the problems. Almost in very case study, the making of decision should be must however; the decision has no right to do anything with the situation decision might be to leave the situation as it is.

Different type of case study assignments

Diverse types of assignments are there in the university and each type has its own features and structure. However, it is very difficult and almost impossible to cover all those types here, but some of the examples are covered here which are as follows:

  • Literature review
  • Reflective journal
  • Case study
  • Project report
  • Research essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Analytical review or critical review
  • Practical or experiment write up
  • It is always very necessary for you to double check with your teacher in regard of the work you are required to do. Each and every type of case study is having distinct purposes which are given as follows:

  • Literature review: The objective of literature review is to identify the important and key ideas across the literature. One of the main objectives is also to understand the current and present thinking and also to find the gap for the research
  • Reflective Journal: The purpose of the reflective journal is to identify the understanding, understand how and what you have learned and it also reflects on the thinking of you.
  • Case study: The object and the purpose behind the case study is to examine a situation, identify and determine the negative and the positive points and after that making the recommendations on the basis of that analysis.
  • Project report: The objective of the project report is to report on the work done or a plan and procedure for the work to be done.
  • Research essay: The purpose of the research essay is simply to answer a question and showcase an argument based on the given facts and proofs
  • Annotated bibliography: One of the major objectives of the Annotated bibliography is to identify and determining the key and important article on a topic. The second objective of the annotated bibliography is to evaluate the usefulness of the articles in relation to the topic.
  • Analytical review or critical review: The only motive of the analytical review is to critique or evaluate the data and methods of research and results.
  • Experiments write up: The purpose of the practical or experiments write up is to explain what you did and then to draw and construct the conclusion on the basis of it.

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